Friend Friday!

"In the cookie of life, friends are the chocolate chips." If I could find a quote for everything that relates life back to food, I'm going to find it. But, don't they? Friendship makes hard days bearable, celebrations a little bit sweeter, and all the in between sprinkled with moments of joy. We weren't created to be alone, and a friend who encourages, refines, and speaks truth to us is a gem.


During our Senior Shootout, I encouraged everyone to bring a friend! Especially when we are getting in front of the camera by ourselves, we need that reminder that we are perfect as is.



Senior Model Call 2019

School's out, summer is in full swing, and it's time to start thinking about your Senior Portraits! I really wanted to kick off and recognize all these students and what they've accomplished. What better way than a photo shoot, right? We had ten students from different local high schools, and they're friends. Coming up on Senior week, we'll be highlighting each of these upcoming Seniors, and share more about them!

 These students are amazing! They're representing Kell High School, East Paulding, King's Academy, Villa Rica, River Ridge, North Cobb Christian, and Marietta High!

These students are amazing! They're representing Kell High School, East Paulding, King's Academy, Villa Rica, River Ridge, North Cobb Christian, and Marietta High!

Sharing memories with friends is important. I always want to encourage my High School Seniors to bring a friend or family member that would make your experience that much sweeter.

Five Favorite Images Reflecting through the Year

Nothing like counting down that reflecting over your work this past year. As a photographer, we also create many fun memories along the way. Some images steal are heart, and so do the people behind them. On a personal note, here are my favorite five images of 2016 (in no particular order) and a little glimpse behind them.

First Couples Session

You've seen this image before if you have followed my work for any amount of time. This past April, I participated in a styled shoot with the Rising Tide Society, a network of creatives who get to put our talents together and make some amazing things happen! I shot along some of the best wedding photographers in Atlanta. This image has a soft spot because I imagined it, and made it happen. The vision as a photographer, and executing that vision are two things that we are constantly trying to marry together. I was indoors, using a speedlight, doing everything I was insecure about doing, but challenged myself and was pleased with the results! My session was then published through Borrowed and Blue and



I took this shot at my cousin Chellsea's wedding in AZ this year. It's a picture of my grandfathers. The Lord has blessed me graciously, allowing me to grow and do life with both of them. I am also so thankful my children know their great grandparents, and what amazing, honorable men they are.

This was the funnest project for me this year. Community Bible Church put on an amazing Christmas production called "The Best Christmas Pageant Ever". I was able to take marketing and production shots, and head shots of the crew and actors. I couldn't help getting all choked up, looking at these smiling faces. We pray, worship, fellowship, and share each other's burdens. These 39 people represent my friends, my children's friends, and people who love my family dearly.

This portrait really captures my "why" behind Jenny V Photography. After hearing Shannon's story about her stepdad passing away last year, she wanted to honor him in her portraits by recreating a favorite image that he was in. As we were walking to our spot, and I was adjusting my camera settings, I looked up to see that the Champagne popped the top off the bottle before Shannon and I were ready!! She got into position, and I fired away. I was so thankful we nailed it. Portraits have a funny cycle. After you have them, they are valued and looked at over and over. As time goes on, they become forgotten. Year's later they are rediscovered, and cherished more than ever before.


    My favorite image I took this year wasn't planned (the best using aren't) while I was driving home from a shoot at Berry College in Rome, GA. I saw this view out of my rear view mirror,and had to stop. I found a place to pull over and just marvel at the gift God was sharing with me. A small glimpse of the splendor and glory of our King. No matter what happens to you this coming year, know that their is a magnificent Creator who has a purpose for you,and desires for you to know Him personally through Jesus. I'm praying for opportunities this year for my clients to see Him through me. What about you? Do you have a favorite image to share? I would love to for you to share in the comments! Happy New Year!